Network Information

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    Aloha-IX is a non-profit Internet Exchange (IX) node in AlohaNAP’s data center. The full Aloha-IX website can be found here:  For additional information, please contact AlohaNAP at or Aloha-IX at

    Cross Connects
    Within our facility, we provide direct connections between servers and customers. This connection, referred to as a cross connect, allows customers to leverage the global networks that also reside in our data center. This physical connection provides access to technology companies of all sizes for multiple connectivity options. Access and content delivery is achieved through these cross-connects.

    Customers interconnect with one another in our Meet Me Room (MMR). A central point of traffic, the MMR serves as a conduit for cross connects to take place in a quick and efficient manner.

    Blended IP
    Access Simplified – We designed AlohaNAP’s Blended IP with enterprises in mind. We wanted to be able to offer a solution that allowed them to manage IT in a unified model. Understanding that low-bandwidth is necessary for some data center deployments, we created a reliable solution with the best available performance. Our Blended IP service is designed with the customer’s low-bandwidth requirements in mind. We know simple solutions are required to handle different loads and our Blended IP can be ordered together with other space and power AlohaNAP services.

    AlohaNAP Blended IP Offers:

    • Solutions for low-bandwidth IP requirements
    • Redundant network architecture
    • 100% uptime to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs)