At AlohaNAP, our colocation offerings are the best available on the island. Our core value of customized options is carried through our colocation offerings. We examine your needs, and then design the space option that meets those needs. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians assure your infrastructure is constantly maintained so that you can rest easy knowing your critical information is safe.

    There are many advantages to colocation services with AlohaNAP, including infrastructure on demand, 24/7 support, and unfailing uptime. Housing your equipment in our facility allows us to maintain your services for you. If you require more security, we also offer additional environments through cabinets, cages and private suites.

    Whether you need telecom and networking, remote hands, or rack and stacks, we have you covered. Our goal is to minimize your organizational challenges by leveraging our agility, hardware and software – all of which are run by our industry leading experts. We are determined to meet and exceed your expectations.

    Standard Features and Optional Services

    Managed IT Services

    At AlohaNAP, we can offer a total IT management solution, which is backed by 24/7 monitoring and is guaranteed to meet your SLAs. We work together with each customer to understand your unique needs and business goals in order to create the most cost-effective and efficient solution for you.

    Remote Hands

    On-demand service needs? Remote Hands at AlohaNAP is the answer. Our 24/7/365 onsite data center engineers can provide one-time or continuous Remote Hands service. The services offered include:

    • Onsite technical support
    • Racking & stacking equipment
    • Swapping removable media
    • Wiring services
    • Ladder rack build-outs
    • Cycling equipment
    • Relaying equipment status
    • Labeling equipment
    • Diagnostic testing for cross connects


    • Fenced facilities with intrusion alarms
    • All incoming visitors must pass two gates
    • 24/7/365 on-site physical security presence
    • Mantraps
    • CCTV security cameras
    • Biometric, keycard, and pin code access
    • Pre-action fire detection and suppression systems use multi-zone double-interlock monitoring and clean agent fire suppression agents (FM-200)
    • 15-minute emergency support response time

    BC/DR Option

    Our experts help you design and implement a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan so that when the unexpected occurs, your staff can keep your business up and running.


    • Redundant network architecture
    • Cross Connects
    • Blended IP
    • Solutions for low-bandwidth IP requirements


    Customers at AlohaNAP have multiple options to connect to all major public, hybrid and private cloud companies.

    Private Suites

    If your company wants to maintain a private space while still benefiting from a colocation option, private suites are the solution. At AlohaNAP we offer leased space for companies to completely customize power, cooling, and security. You can operate your smaller data center within the walls of our existing data center. This offers the highest level of control of any colocation option.


    As a way to add extra security, cages are available to house your data center space. We use steel cages with a secure door for access. If needed, we can provide a custom size cage to surround your equipment and cabinets. Cages are isolated from shared areas in the data center and used not only for additional security but also to meet compliance. A final benefit to cages is that it can open airflow to equipment while remaining secure.


    Cabinets are solutions that help to secure and organized assets within a data center. Our cabinets come in a variety of sizes and allow you to place your servers in a secure enclosure. We offer the option to lease cabinets directly from AlohaNAP or customers can supply their own. Each cabinet is secured with a digital lock to maintain the ultimate protection.


    • 100% Power SLA
    • 100% Availability SLA
    • 15 minutes mean time to response SLA


    • PCI DSS
    • HIPPA and SSAE 16 Type II