Executive Team

J. Todd Raymond

As CEO and managing partner in 1547 and AlohaNAP, Todd is involved with running the operations of the business as well as business development and firm strategy.

Jerry Martin

Mr. Martin is the Chief Construction & Engineering Officer and a co-founder of 1547 and AlohaNAP with over 25 years of development experience.

Patrick Hynes

Mr. Hynes is a co-founder of 1547 and managing director of AlohaNAP and has worked in the construction industry for the past 30 years. Beginning as a laborer, Mr. Hynes working his way through the ranks.

Corey Welp

Mr. Welp is a co-founder and Managing Director of 1547 and AlohaNAP. Mr. Welp has been instrumental in bringing together the 1547 team.

Robert DeVita

As Chief Sales Officer, Mr. DeVita leads the sales and marketing strategy for the firm. He has an extensive background in management, direct and indirect sales.

Leeana Smith-Ryland

As Managing Partner, Leeana oversees relations between AlohaNAP and Hawaii Pacific Teleport.